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Both simple concepts and the most sophisticated facade and interior wall design rely on high-quality materials like paints, renders and plasters. Invest in quality to reach the desired effects.

Create safe work and home space

The quality of products used for painting, plastering and rendering determines your safety. Whether it is your workspace or home, eliminate exposure to harmful chemicals by choosing construction materials complying with the highest standards. 

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Dreaming about a design made with premium-quality paints? Looking for the best prices to buy your materials in bulk? Our special offers are meant to make your life easier. Enjoy excellent quality with an attractive discount!






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Special Offers


Unsure where to start? Trust the choice of our clients and check our most-wanted products before they are sold out again! Browse the assortment of exclusive goods from Poland with the best quality-price ratio. Make sure you have a sufficient supply of construction and design materials!

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Supreme-quality materials at Primafront to meet your expectations

Brilliant construction and design ideas require appropriate materials to make them blossom. When you know the result you would like to achieve with your painting or plastering works, be it a certain colour, visual effect or practical function, it is essential to prepare suitable materials: external plasters, mortars, interior and façade paints. Furthermore, high quality also means you will not be experiencing difficulties while working with your construction or decorative materials.

Whether you are a professional working for a construction company or an individual looking for products for your home design, you can count on expert recommendations. We will navigate you through our selection of the best construction products for thermal insulation and wall decoration manufactured in Poland, the country known for its high reputation in the industry worldwide. Our offer includes materials produced by Kubala, Sempre, Lakma, Bella Plast, F. Guardi.

Exclusive wall decorative materials to express your individuality

Our wide choice of façade and internal wall decoration products will help you to realise the most unique design projects. Our offer includes paints with different finishes, for instance, with dew, lazure, velvet or even copper effects. You can also find latex priming paint that is water-thinnable and highly resistant to water after drying.

You can create particularly unique effects with limestone stucco or special compound materials. For instance, we have products for creating a concrete effect as well as special decorative finishing waxes that will turn your walls into a masterpiece. If you need any guidance on the application of such decorative materials and the choice of proper tools, we are ready to consult you. We will provide you with the tools for painting, plastering and rendering too.

Primafront – your supplier of ecologically-friendly materials

Construction and decorative materials are the results of chemical manufacturing that can have unwanted effects on the natural environment. At Primafront, we believe it is the responsibility of every human to make conscious choices. Therefore, as a construction material vendor, we are particularly careful about selecting the goods we would like to offer to our clients. That is why our assortment has exclusively the materials produced with sustainable manufacturing techniques that leave a minimum impact on the natural environment.

We also ensure our products are free from any harmful chemical substances that can affect your health. We offer exclusively the goods provided by manufacturers who have complied their production with modern industry standards and are in the process of constant innovation towards sustainability. The beautiful spaces you can create with our products will be in harmony with the natural environment.

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